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Eft tapping - emotional freedom technique

What to expect in a tapping session?

EFT sessions are usually anywhere from 60-90 min in duration. As a client you will identify a concern/problem which will most likely have some underlying "roots" that have contributed to the problem. Once we have discussed the problem and set a goal I will  take a systematic approach to helping you find the aspects or "roots" that keep the problem going. Some roots will be easy to get to and resolve, while others may be more difficult to uncover and may have "roots beneath the roots".  Often these roots came from seeds planted long ago and will require more time to work through. As you gently tap on acupressure points on your face and upper torso you are modulating the stress response commonly known as the "fight, flight, freeze" response. By calming the stress response you can feel safe to work on resolving the root cause of the problem. Because I am "tapping" along with you, I am also helping to regulate your stress response and hold a safe space for you to do the work at overcoming the problem and releasing the emotions.

How does it work?

EFT is a tool that helps us feel safe to address our problems,
weather it be a phobia, anxiety, pain, past trauma or just about any difficulty.

Phone Consultation (20 min)

Lallie will complete a 20 min phone consultation to determine if EFT is a good fit for you. During the call Lallie will gather some details about the problem and any possible issues or concerns that may impede treatment. If you decide to try EFT and Lallie believes EFT is suitable for working with your particular issue you will be invited  to the client portal where forms will be filled and appointments and payment can be made online.

First appointment (75 min)

Once Lallie has reviewed your completed intake form she will gather some history as it relates to the problem. The depth of the history will vary based on the complexity of the presenting problem. Information gathered will be kept confidential as per the HIPA guidelines (health information protection act) that all health practitioners must adhere to. Once the history is completed and a goal is agreed upon there will be some discussion re: how many sessions may be needed and how success will be measured. You will be asked to sign a consent form which you are free to withdraw at any time. Once the consent is signed and a contract is agreed upon the tapping can begin.

Tapping Sessions (75 min)

Each session will begin with a short check in to discuss previous work and progress. Sessions usually pick up where the previous one left off. Lallie will use a variety of EFT approaches to find the aspects (roots) of the issue and each aspect or root will be worked on individually until the issue is resolved. A basic EFT session is described in the resource section if you would like more information.

Services & Rates

Group Classes

Learn how Emotional freedom technique or "tapping" self help tool can help you overcome blocks to better health and a better life in this in-person workshop.

120 Min
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Book a 20 min phone consultation to discuss your concern and find out if EFT is right for you.

20 Min
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Tapping Session

Tapping sessions can be booked here. Please note you must complete the initial consultation in order to create an account to book the service.

75 Min
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Frequent questions

You have questions and we have answers

Below are some common myths and questions about EFT.

Can EFT work for any probelm?

If the problem triggered a stress reaction in the body it left some form of residue in the system that keeps the problem alive and often out of one's awareness. Based on this understanding we can say that EFT will generally work for any problem that creates emotional or physical distress.

Are there times when EFT would not be used?

EFT is a highly adapted approach and involves many different techniques and therefore it can be modified in special circumstances however there are some considerations to be aware of when thinking about using EFT. Because EFT has the ability to eliminate the emotional charge from a traumatic event or a past memory it should be discussed with your practitioner, if you are planning to give testimony in a court of law, for instance in the case of childhood abuse or assault. Suitability will be determined during the consultation.

Is EFT considered pseudoscience?

There have been over a hundred peer reviewed articles in reputable medical jornals that wikipedia will not tell you about. To read more about the science of EFT you can visit EFT international by following this link:

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EFT can help with almost any health or emotional problem from emotional eating to phobia's and PTSD. If you need to get your health back on track, overcome unhealthy patterns in your relationships, get that promotion you want or overcome a problem that other types of therapy have not helped with book a risk free consultation with me today.
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